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S.Thorndike Ipswich c.1790 Stock No. 3441

S.Thorndike Ipswich c.1790

An elegant small tavern clock, with a 14” diameter dial, the 8 - day movement with pierced brass hands, in a top quality mahogany case with a chisel foot. Total height - 39”

Price: £8,000
Stock No. 3441

This is an unusual clock - partly, due to its small size, but also as the bezel, as is often the case with East Anglian clocks, is hinged at the top. Additionally, the dial is inscribed with Arabic numerals. But it is its small size and the quality of the case that marks it out of the ordinary.

Samuel Thorndike, the son of the keeper of the Waggon and Horses inn in Ipswich, is known to have made other tavern clocks. He was born in 1757, and after his marriage in 1781, started working in the Buttermarket. He was very active in civic affairs, and died on Christmas Day, 1819.