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S.Marti & Co. c.1870 3282  

S.Marti & Co. c.1870

A good French 4-glass mantel clock, the drum movement signed ’S.Marti et Cie’ and numbered 6783, with exposed Brocot escapement, pierced moon hands, a narrow chapter ring, and mercury compensated pendulum, in a brass case with bevelled glass panels.  Ht - 10 ¼”

Stock No.3282
Price: £1,400

The firm of S. Marti & Co. one of the big nineteenth century French makers, is recorded working in Paris from 1860. This is likely to be an early example of a four-glass clock, as the early examples tend to have narrow chapter rings as this one. They are sometimes referred to as ‘mantel regulators’ as with a steel rod compensated pendulum, and dead beat escapement, they are capable of keeping very good time.