H Barnard London N Stock No.3154 c.1890

H Barnard London N c.1890

A top quality English drop dial wall timepiece, of small size, the 8” diameter flat dial signed ‘H Barnard London N’, the heavy fuse movement set in a one- piece mahogany case with a rear door, with flat dial surround and cast brass bezel.

Price £1,900
Stock No.3154

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Thompson 58 Southampton Rd. Russell Square c.1880 Stock No.3207 

Thompson 58 Southampton Row. Russell Square c.1880 

A good Victorian striking wall clock, the 12” diameter flat painted iron dial signed ‘Thompson, 58 Southampton Row. Russell Square’, the heavy double fusee movement striking the hours on a bell. The mahogany case of good colour has a domed top, two side doors with sound frets, a turned dial surround, and a cast brass bezel.

Price: £2,800
Stock No.3207

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